Healthy Home Cooked School Meals

The saying goes that ‘we are what we eat’ and studies show that this is especially true for children. Eating the wrong food can hamper learning whilst a healthy, balanced diet helps to boost physical and mental development. Our school menu consists of delicious and nutritious meals.

Meal times are an important part of SPSP life with staff and children eating together as one big family. Older children help to serve the younger ones, creating a sense of occasion whilst promoting social skills and table manners.

Food Information

Mrs Wigfield and her team provide an excellent menu of home cooked casseroles, pasta and sauces, pizzas and pies. Meat of the highest quality from local farmers is used and there is always a vegetarian option. A choice of fresh fruit or wholesome puddings are served daily. No sweets are allowed in school and a selection of healthy snacks, water, milk are provided.


"Mrs Wigfield's lunches are the best, my favourite is chicken and ham pie and peas, it's amazing!" - Year 4 Pupil

Our Meals

Our menus run on a twice yearly cycle.  Every day, our catering team prepares a variety of fresh meals and snacks on-site.  Lunch and snacks are included in our fees.

Please Contact Us to discuss your child’s dietary needs, or if you have any questions.