Reception is an exciting year for all children, where they will develop a strong foundation from which the rest of their education will flow.

Through the introduction of the fundamental skills of reading, writing and numeracy, as well as the nurturing and encouragement of talents and enthusiasm, we see the children flourish.

The children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum which defines the standards all schools must meet for children up to the age of 5. Through a varied provision of indoor and outdoor activities, our curriculum gives the children a positive introduction to the world of education.

Alongside daily phonics and numeracy lessons, the children will have specialist teachers in Art, Spanish, Music, Forest School, Swimming and PE, as well as a wide range of topics to learn more about the world around them.

The children will focus on fluency in reading and spellings as s part ogf their homework each week to further develop their literacy skills.

The school day begins at 8.30am and finishes at 3:45pm. Your child will enjoy a range of activities during the day, including:

Literacy: essential skills of phonics, reading and handwriting through fun, practical activities and exercises.

Numeracy: development of number awareness and problem-solving skills through fun games and challenges.

Foundation Subjects: Music, Drama, Humanities, Religious Education, PSHE, Spanish, PE, Swimming & Games, Life Skills, Computing.

Daily News & Updates: the children are encouraged to ‘show and tell’, to ask listen and questions to further their knowledge and develop their conversational skills.

Story, Playtime and Snacks: each school day is designed to maximise your child’s chance to learn and to play, to develop their social skills and to learn how to prepare simple snacks. 

Your child’s journey at home and at school is captured and shared with you through Tapestry, an online EYFS journal.