The Board of Trustees at St Peter & St Paul School are a voluntary body who are committed to providing independent, Christian education.

As a group, the Trustees provide a vast range of experience on matters including Safeguarding, Pastoral Care, Education, Health & Safety, Public Relations, Governance, Finance, HR, Marketing and Business.

Creating an Outstanding Environment

Our Trustees prioritise the School’s development and strategic plan to ensure that the School has the opportunity to grow and develop as the needs of the school change.

They are committed to outstanding education and care, and as a registered charity the Trust invests in the fabric and structure of the school at all times. With continual investment and commitment from both the Trustees and teaching staff, SPSP provides a first class learning environment.

Ensuring school business is conducted in a responsible manner is also the responsibility of our Trustees. They use their years of experience to manage the school budget and provide support and guidance to the Head in setting future priorities.

Kathy Denton - Chair of Trustees

Peter Pollard - Vice Chair of Trustees

Anne Camm - Link Trustee Safeguarding and Education

Chris Ball - Chair of Health & Safety, Link Trustee Estates

Nick Clarkson - Chair of Finance

Patrick Coleman - Chair of Education Standards, Link Trustee RE

Chris Burton - Link Trustee PR, Communications and Marketing

Claire Kay - Link Trustee HR


To contact the Chair of the Trustees, Kathy Denton, please write to her:

c/o SPSP
Brambling House 
Hady Hill
S41 0EF