As a parent, your child’s happiness is a key question when considering
‘is this the right school for our family?’

The happiness and wellbeing of every child at SPSP is our priority. We believe that for children to learn and fulfil their potential, they need to be happy. For this reason, our Pastoral Care sits at the heart of everything we do and was recognised as ‘Excellent’ in our inspection in February 2020. 

Our Guiding Star of Values are core to everything we do and helps us to nurture, guide and support all children so they will thrive.  In our 2020 inspection, the children told the team that our Guiding Star provided them with 'the responsibility to care for others' and that our 'school rules were there to keep everyone safe'.

Our whole school team approach to the happiness and health of every member of our community  is actively promoted through our Guiding Star of Values, the teaching of our PSHE programme known as Jigsaw and our regular 1:1 time with class teachers. A high teacher to pupil ratio and regular individual time for each child with their class teacher means that any problems are spotted early and dealt with. Regular assemblies allow us to reiterate the key themes from our PSHEE programme, meaning that we truly have a ‘whole school’ approach to understanding the world around us. Our focus on emotional wellbeing is vital and we know that a positive, confident and caring child will be a happy one.

We have been described as a ‘small school with a big heart’ with strong family values. All members of the team at SPSP hold the children at the forefront of everything they do and work collectively to ensure that each child is supported in the way that suits them the best.

The school has strong links with its parents and has an active parents’ association – Friends of SPSP - who work alongside the school to raise money for the school. Parents are encouraged to attend Parents’ Assemblies, school plays, recitals, family week and sporting events to be involved with their children’s schooling. Strong relationships between teachers and parents exist, which means that the school is able to quickly support parents when needed.