Enriched Curriculum Offering

The Enriched Curriculum

Our curriculum considers every experience that we plan for the children including;

  • the academic curriculum
  • developing wider life experiences
  • understanding how to communicate and collaborate effectively
  • learning how to take responsibility for our individual actions both in learning and in life 
  •  rehearsing and developing thinking skills with a growth mind-set framework

There is not a moment when the children are with us where we are not thinking about how the children are developing academically, spiritually , emotionally and socially.

To deliver the curriculum we have organised the planning into two distinct areas;

  • Core Curriculum - delivered by class teachers to children in their class
  • Enriched Curriculum - delivered by specialist teachers and includes how each area links to our school values and the expectations for outcomes

Every child in the school will access the enriched curriculum every week at school. We seek to develop an enthusiasm for the subject and a level of competence that can only be achieved by spending time learning and practising.

Each enriched Curriculum Area will have a Director or Lead who will oversee the planning and delivery of the subject and liaise with the class teachers to ensure that where strong and vibrant links with the Core Curriculum exist they are maximised.

The Directors and Leads play a crucial role in talent spotting and development so that any child that they identify as having a strong aptitude for the subject area accesses additional tuition and support to enable them to fulfil their potential.