The School Day

Length of School Day

Our School Day is longer than most schools in order to provide a range of lessons, games, extra-curricular activities and Life Skills. We believe that it is important to ensure that we offer a balanced curriculum and activities to prepare our children for life beyond the confines of our beautiful grounds.




08.30 Registration

09.00 Lesson 1

09.30 Lesson 2

10.00 Break

10.15 Lesson 3

10.45 Lesson 4

11.15 Lesson 5

11.45 Lesson 6

12.15 Lunch Infants

12.45 Lunch Juniors

13.15 Lesson 7

13.45 Lesson 8

14.15 Lesson 9

14.45 Lesson 10

15.15 Break

15.30 Lesson 11

16.00 End of Infant day

16.00 Lesson 12 (Juniors)

16.00 WEDNESDAYS ONLY End of Junior day

16.30 End of Junior day



Breakfast Club and After School Care

SPSP Breakfast Club is available in the dining hall from 7.30am. No booking required, just turn up and sign in. Toast, cereal, fruit and fruit juices will be available for the children at a cost of £4.00 a day. You can join your child for breakfast and have tea, coffee and toast or grab a drink to go for £2.00 per adult.



Ages in Different Parts of the School

Reception Class children are aged 4 to 5

Infant children are aged 5 to 7

Junior children are aged 7 to 11