The Curriculum


In Reception childrenís learning and development is based around the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS).

Learning takes place through a balance of purposeful play, child initiated learning and some focused adult- led tasks.Children are given the opportunity to follow and develop their own interests and fascinations through active play, both indoors and outdoors.

Early reading, writing and maths is introduced through a structured and differentiated approach to ensure that we meet the needs of each individual child. As the children progress through the reception year, learning becomes more formalised in preparation for Year One. 


Infants (Year 1 & 2)

In Years 1 & 2, children learn to read fluently, write neatly and accurately and master the fundamentals of mathematics. These skills are taught rigorously to ensure all children achieve or exceed the standards required by the National Curriculum. Simultaneously, children learn about the wider world through our carefully planned topics. Topics may have a primary focus such as History, Geography or Science. However, wherever possible, teachers make meaningful links to other curriculum areas such as Religious Studies. Children undertake art and design projects, producing stunning work. All children are encouraged to ask questions and make discoveries for themselves, while acquiring the skills needed to become effective learners.  


Juniors (Year 3 - 6)

In Years 3 to 6, using the National Curriculum as a starting point, children enhance the skills acquired in Years 1 & 2. Children are guided to read more challenging books and to use our library for research and reference. They hone their writing skills, producing a variety of creative and informative texts. In mathematics, they master place value and calculations, whilst being given the opportunity to apply their learning through puzzles and problems. Science is taught through practical investigations and experiments in our Science Lab. Humanities are taught through our integrated topics, providing the children with thorough factual knowledge, whilst also encouraging them to think critically and to begin to formulate their own informed opinions.

Creativity is positively encouraged and all children have many opportunities to express themselves through Art and Design, using our dedicated Art Studio and our Design & Technology workshop. We believe our curriculum provides the academic rigour required for our students to succeed at secondary school and beyond. We also believe our curriculum is creative and exciting, providing our children with stimulating learning experiences that encourage them to become confident, independent learners.