The Curriculum

While important informal education goes on prior to a child reaching four years of age, it is only then that more formal education begins. While many of the activities within the Reception Class involve play, structured learning is used to help children become confident with numbers, words and letters. Much emphasis is placed on the acquisition of social skills while at the same time we aim to give the children a love of learning and to encourage their natural curiosity.
In Years 1 and 2, children, aged 5 to 7, are prepared for the National Curriculum Key Stage 1 and our test results are far above the national average and something of which we are justifiably proud. The school uses both the Oxford Reading Tree and GIN as its reading schemes. However our primary aim is to educate the children across a wide curriculum that includes Literacy and Numeracy while at the same time other subjects such as History, Geography, Science and Art and Design are delivered through topic work. Specialist teachers teach such subjects such as Music, Technology and French, Games and Swimming.
In Years 3 to 6, children, aged 7 to 11, follow the National Curriculum working towards Key Stage 2 as well as to standards required by independent schools. Focus is given to children’s individual needs to ensure each child reaches their potential at whatever level they are working. Subjects covered, which are almost exclusively taught by subject specialists in specialist rooms, include English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Art, Information, Communication and Design Technology, French, Music, Drama, PE and Games. We are very proud of our academic achievements both in Key Stage 2 Tests, Independent School Entrance Examinations and Scholarships.
Within the school there is provision for Special Educational Needs and our SENCOs (Special Needs Coordinators) work closely with teaching staff to ensure particular children’s needs are met.