New Calendar Help

The brand new school calendar has now arrived and comes with lots of additional functionality to make sure that parents and staff are more up to date with everything that's happening at the school.

The new calendar is viewable and filterable through the school website as it always has been but the updated version, powered by a third party, now has the options for parents access it directly through a web browser and also to subscribe using existing email clients and mobile devices.

To access the calendar directly, please click here

Parents can subscribe to all categories or will soon be able to subscribe to the categories they are interested in, using the links in the table below.

All CategoriesSubscribe
General Coming Soon
Music & Drama Coming Soon
Open Days/Mornings Coming Soon
Outings Coming Soon
Parents Meetings Coming Soon
Sports - Clubs Coming Soon
SPSP PTA Coming Soon
Staff Coming Soon
Term Dates Coming Soon
Testing & Exams Coming Soon
Trustees Meetings Coming Soon

There is also the option of a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices which are available using the Mobile App Store image links

Once downloaded you will need to enter the calendar code which is :


Download TeamUp Mobile App